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Friday, September 14, 2007

Knot! News - Weekly Update

What a week! I have spent much of my time caring for Bella and worrying about her. I also spent some time on the more mundane chores of life - like laundry.

Even so, I have finished the pattern for "Fans Earrings"! (Photo at right.) Find it for sale under the "Patterns" section of My Etsy Shop. I hope to get some kits put together this weekend.

I have been working on some slave bracelets and I believe I have a couple of basic designs worked out. What do you think?

(Remember to click image for larger view).


1. As I have been integrating my "WorkShop" into my main website, my forum will soon be deleted. The blogging format of WordPress allows comments on all posts (but not pages at this time). So, I am using it like a forum. I will also be posting some other "forum" type topics in the future.

To find or post questions and answers related to my patterns, go to KnotGypsyDesgins.com and look under "WorkShop" in the "Index" (in sidebar). Click on "Patterns and Kits" and scroll down to the applicable pattern. Questions and answers will be posted in the comments section. Feel free to post your own questions, answers, or comments there. In fact, please feel free to leave comments on any post that give you the opportunity. Or, if you wish to contact me, find the "Contact" page under "General Information" (in sidebar). I have edited my patterns to reflect this change.

2. I realized that some may wonder how to pin cords to their work surface...So, I have added "Slip Knot (for pinning cords to work surface)" to my "Basic Macrame Knots" collection. I have added it to all my patterns as well. I will be posting my basic knots instructions on my website sometime in the future as well.

Well, I have a lot more work to do, so "bye for now, and have a great weekend".


Browneyedgurly said...

I just stopped by to say hello! I love your slave bracelets I actually just found two of my anklet ones as I was going through my jewelry I hadn't seen them in years and now you have the same design up! I used to wear bracelets/anklets like that all the time when I was younger its fun to see some designs, yours are beautiful like all of our designs!

KnotGypsy said...

I'm so glad you stopped by! Thank you for the compliments.

I have long wanted to make some of these. I plan on making some anklet ones as well. Just never enough time...

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