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Friday, August 24, 2007

Knot! News - Weekly Update

Well, I am feeling better! Still suffering a little artist's block, though.

A few weeks ago, I applied to be in a juried show sponsored by The DIY Factory. I just received email notification of my acceptance. Now, I need to send them a business card sized logo and a link for them to post on their website. So, I spent today working on logos, banners, and business cards. It was something I could manage in spite of the artist's block. It may even help trigger my creativity to turn back on. (Sometimes, this kind of thing works that way - sort of a warm-up exercise.)

I found the wonderful font (of my new header) at CoolText.com in the "Gothic" category, and downloaded it. Then, I downloaded "7-Zip", a free open source "archive application" that handles .zip files. So far, so good. ("7-Zip" link includes reviews of the application in case you are interested.) I needed it to unzip the font file I downloaded. Then, using GRSites, and Windows "Paint"; I made some logos. I made the header you see here on this blog, a header for my website, a banner for my Etsy shop, business card (photo at top right), and a business card sized ad logo to send to the DIY Factory.

I still have some work to do on the fonts and colors of this blog to match the header, but for now, I like the header. I really love the font. I did learn some things today that I will be using in the future to finalize my logo. For now, this "working" model will have to suffice.

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