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Friday, August 17, 2007

Knot! News - Weekly Update

I have been feeling funky this week. My brain does not want to cooperate with my plans and goals. I did get some work done with my Squidoo lenses, but...

Not much else. I made every effort. I set up to work on a pattern for the earrings to match the "Fans Bracelet Pattern". I cut the cords, got my work surface and other materials together. Then, nothing. I got the camera out and set up my photo shooting area. Nothing. I just could not make my brain get to work. Has anyone else ever had this happen?

I do have this photo (top right) of "Ripple Choker in Gray and Pink" to show you. I made it a week or so ago, but have been holding onto it for some reason. Maybe for just this sort of situation when I don't have anything else...

Perhaps my concern over my cat (Bella) contributed to my funk, but it does not explain it entirely. I do occasionally have these funks, I always recover and I am confident I will get over this one as well.

When it happens, I just try to do other tasks. Like getting caught up on some housework, laundry, etc. And I did this time, too. Then, I give myself permission to "goof off" a little. I tried playing some computer games, but could not get my brain to participate with that either.

I wrote some entries for my personal blog "The Other Side of My Life". I surfed some other blogs, played with my sidebar, added some links...And here I am today trying to account for my week.

We postponed our sailing trip (last Sunday) for this coming Sunday, but it has been raining again. So, depending on the weather, we may or may not go. If the weather permits, perhaps it is what I need. If the weather does not permit, I probably need to find something else to clear my head.

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