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Friday, August 10, 2007

Knot! News - Weekly Update

I have had an exciting week!

On Saturday: I was talking with a friend of mine who makes dolls. She really does some beautiful work sculpting the faces and hands, etc with polymer clay. She lives in Wimberly, Texas where they have a monthly market for antiques, crafts, etc. It is quite a popular market here in Texas. She suggested we get a booth together (for next year). I think it is a pretty good idea. We are planning to attend the next one (Sep 1) to scope it out. If I don't forget my camera, I will take photos to show you.

On Monday: Okay. Uncle. I realized that I bit off more than I could chew with Drupal. It is a wonderful cms (content management system - website builder). However, it is way to complicated for my limited skills. So I switched to WordPress. At least I understand some of how to use it. I will need to learn more about how to edit the stylesheet and layout in order to customize it, so it will still be a challenge. In the meantime, I can at least have a functioning website.

On Tuesday: After having switched to WordPress for my website, I got the site up and running. It is still in the very beginning stages, but at least it is functional.

On Wednesday: I figured out how to change the header image on the new website. I used a cool little online program called Kubrickr that I found on the WordPress help pages. WordPress has excellent documentation on how to use it.

Also on Wednesday: I struggled with figuring out how to get the shipping right with my PayPal buttons. The problem arose when I listed a couple of patterns. Patterns do not require any shipping charges. However, when I clicked on the option to override shipping charges and tested the button by adding a pattern to my cart, I noticed that PayPal was still adding shipping charges. I spent considerable time trying to solve this. I settled on adding the shipping charges to the price and leaving it at that. I am considering installing a WordPress shopping cart plug-in. I need to learn how to do the installation, so it may be next week before I get to it. Still thinking on it.

On Thursday: I found W3Schools, an online site dedicated to teaching html, css, and website development. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Their tutorials even have practice exercises, many of which are right there on their site. Even a non-techie like me found it quite easy to understand.

Also on Thursday: I got reviewed by Bloggeries Blog Reviews! See previous post "Bloggeries Blog Review" for more. In response to the great suggestions I received, I have added AdSense to the bottom of my sidebar. I will also be working on a few other ideas in the future.

This morning: I found a comment on my previous post that this blog is currently being featured on Big Blog Directory.

All in all, a very good week in spite of the troubles with my PayPal buttons. Now, I need a little Rest and Recreation. We are going sailing this weekend...See you when I get back!

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