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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Coming Back

This recent funk seems to be dragging on.

We tried to go sailing. We got as far as the entrance to the lake with the boat in tow. We were turned away as the lake was closed due to extremely high water levels. All that rain caught up with us. So we went to plan B and had a picnic at a very nice creek. It was very relaxing.

Even so, I continued to feel foggy and funky until today. I could not even bring myself to blog or play computer games. I do feel better today, but not yet up to par.

I think I will take it easy today. I hope to be back at work tomorrow; I have so much to do!

By the way, my cat, Bella is recuperating as well.

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Deelytle said...

Hi there :-)

I just wanted to drop you a note and say WOW, your work is sooo beautiful! I just love the choker and the bracelet you posted on buzzy's forum ( this is how I foun you) I love creating with seed beads, although I haven't done it very long, it sure is relaxing :-)

Im not sure what happned to Bella but I am very glad to hear Bella is recuperating! I have 3 cats, all girls, and they are my lifesavers, don't know what I would do without them~

Well I just wanted to say Hi and tell you that I just love your work! Thank you for sharing it! Maybe I will try one of your tutorials in the near future :)

Hang in there k,

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