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Friday, July 13, 2007

Ripple - A New Design Series is Born

My latest experimentation in beaded micro macrame has resulted in a new series - "Ripple".

At right is the prototype, and I am keeping it for my personal collection.

The first one has a few design flaws which I corrected in this next one, "Ripple Bracelet in Green and Black" . (Click on link to find it listed at my Etsy Shop).

Then I experimented some more with this next one in brown, bronze and green. I am still working out some of the finer points and I misjudged how long to cut the cords. I will need to redo it and hope to have a completed version in a few weeks. I have to let a design "rest" sometimes before I am ready to go back to it. This is one of those times because I must start over. (I hate starting over!)

UPDATE ON NEW SITE: Not a lot more accomplished this week due to a personal crisis in our lives. The crisis is now resolved and hopefully I will return to the challenge of building my new website next Monday...Until then, Happy Weekend and Happy Friday the 13th!

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