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Monday, July 2, 2007

Regrouping...Again...Still...Some More...

I have kind of locked up on the issue about what to do with my website ideas.

I do really like Blogger. I think I want to keep this blog here. It is comfortable, familiar, people know me...And I don't look forward to moving...

I like WordPress as a blogging/website building software. It does have possibilities...

Do I want a site to sell from? Would that be more professional? Maybe for my higher end pieces?

I like Etsy a lot. Besides the tangible benefits of the feedback system, easy interface, and the low cost; they have a rather nice and friendly community there. I also like that they are a socially and environmentally principled business.

I found an interesting free shopping cart - Zen Cart . I still need to check it out some more.

I want something professional looking, but I am not a "techie" type and on a tight budget for now.

What to do? What to do?

I know, I said I had made up my mind a while back to unify my blog and website with the WordPress software and paid hosting. But then I found Zen Cart...and I waffled. So, I decided to not make any changes until I was sure.

The time has come to decide. I have had time these past few months to learn some things, and try some things out, but I don't want to just keep moving around, and changing my sites. I want to stabilize with something that will grow with me. I am focusing on this issue this week. My goal is to make a decision this week.

In other news, I have been doing those hated administrative tasks. Reorganizing files, standardizing my listing system, reorganizing inventory and supplies, etc. - you know, all those things we hate to do, but the benefit of getting them done will streamline my process and save time in the long run. "Efficiency is important".

I have managed to get some beading done, as well. I got the clasp on the bracelet I showed you last week. Here it is in its completed state:
And I played with some more gemstone chips. I love the way these pieces feel, and I love the "ordered chaos" look of the chips.

These pieces will be available at My Etsy Shop by the weekend.

Wish me luck on deciding what to do.

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Anonymous said...

Finding the right blogging platerform is tough. Most of us started on whatever you found at the time, and as blogs took off, sometimes it's good to change.

I'm quite happy with blogger though. I can tweak it enough and it's reliable. However, I wished I had picked a better url... I didn't know I was gonna like blogging so much at the time !

Good luck finding your perfect spot on the web ;)

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