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Monday, July 2, 2007

I Do Believe I Found the Solution!

After I published my previous post, I followed up on checking into Zen Cart. I clicked on some web hosts that feature Zen Cart.

I found OpenSourceHost . I checked them out and I really like what I saw. They support all kinds of open source applications like Zen Cart, WordPress, and Drupal . I also found Open Source CMS. where you can test drive demos of all these applications!

Drupal seems to offer everything I wanted in Zen Cart and WordPress put together and more. So, I don't see where I could go wrong with Drupal. It does seem to be a system that will grow with me. In fact, I am not sure I will ever grow into it.

OpenSourceHost is reasonably priced, and the reviews I found confirm that OpenSourceHost provides excellent support. Their site has plenty sources of help from video tutorials to FAQ and support tickets. They even install the applications of your choice for free! Too good to be true? I plan on finding out.

I do have a lot to learn, but with all the resources that I found there, I do believe I can do it.

First, I will be bringing some content over here from my current KnotGypsyDesigns.com site. Then I will dismantle it. I have already saved the comments, etc from my forum, and my guestbook. (Yes, Drupal has forum and guestbook modules - I can have everything!)

Then, I will begin the building process. I have collected some background textures and am working on finalizing my banner and logo. I hope to be able to customize my style sheets and really make a nice site.

Thanks everyone, for your patience during this process, I think we will all be happier when it is done.

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