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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First Day With Drupal...

...And already, I got myself in a pickle.

After the installation of Drupal at my new webhost (OpenSourceHost.com), I received an email telling me the installation was complete and all I had to do was create a new account, and I would be set to start work on my new site. All I could see was my cPanel. This panel has things like databases, email account set ups, etc, but no Drupal. I even sent in a support ticket. Those poor support staff guys! They were very patient with me, and I appreciate it a great deal. Finally, it was determined my problem was that I was looking for Drupal in my webhost account, when I should be looking for it at my KnotGypsyDesigns.com address. Viola! Then, I saw another email in my inbox with a link to go to my Drupal site! Okay. I know I'm not really stupid, but I certainly felt stupid!

So, I got the new account created, and explored some, read up in Drupal.org's handbooks, tweaked the colors, and set the site configuration to work offline. I thought setting this configuration would be a good idea as it will show a screen to the world that the site is under construction, and I could direct people here to this blog for more information and updates on progress. It was a good idea. Want to see it? Go to KnotGypsyDesigns.com.

Then I logged out. Oops. Now, I could not log back in. I just got the screen telling everyone that the site was under construction...

I went to Drupal.org and searched the forums. I found a thread that had been posted last year, but with the same problem. I tried the suggestion (to go to www.example.com/?q=user), to no avail. I posted, asking for help. Today, I received an answer. It was the same suggestion that had previously been given. I normally use FireFox browser, so I swallowed my indignation and used Internet Explorer as it has no cookies for my site. I even cleared its cache. No go. Finally, after a few more posts, someone suggested I type my domain name instead of "example.com". Duh. In my defense, the instructions did not say whether to substitute my domain for "example.com" or not, but it did say to type "user" as is (not to substitute username). So, my untechnical mind just assumed to type it all as is.

I have learned something! I am off to a stumbling start, but I am off...

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