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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Beading With Netflix

In my first Squidoo lens, "Original Designs in Hand Crafted Beaded Micro Macrame and Beaded Crochet Jewelry" I included a Netflix module where I said:
I love Netflix! I have been a subscriber for over a year now, They ship fast, and have very good customer service.

My beading area is in the TV Room, so I have everything I need right to hand. I like to get a cup of coffee, or glass of iced tea, pop in a movie...and I can bead all day!"
Now, I have created a 2nd lens "Beading With Netflix", where I will tell you what I think of all those movies and TV series I am watching while I bead. I'll even throw in some beading project ideas so perhaps you, too, will discover the joys of "Beading With Netflix". (Not all of those ideas will be my patterns, I promise).

I really love Squidoo. Google loves it, and it is one of my best referring sites. I love the community there, and yes, I love making lenses. I am sure I will make more in the future.

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