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Monday, June 18, 2007

KnotGypsy News

I know, I know...It has been too long since I posted. What? About 10 days? I do have an excuse. I actually have a few excuses.

First, Etsy has been having some technical difficulties for the last several days. Alas, when I checked this morning, the problems were still being worked on. People can still buy and sell, but there are problems with page loading times, newly listed items not showing up in search categories, view count stalled, and a few other glitches. I decided to stay away from Etsy (except to check in to see if there were any orders to fill). I probably should have blogged about it to warn you, but at the time my reasoning was to let things slow down and stay quiet. (I have noticed that after a new blog post, I get more traffic at Etsy.) By avoiding attention, I reasoned that I would not add extra strain to Etsy. My reasoning was affected by:

Bead Fever. Yes, I have been in a Bead Fever. Scarlet (my muse) has had a tight grip on me. Perhaps in anticipation of all the new beads I had ordered. My recent patterns and kits have stirred up some interest, and I have sold several of each. This depleted my bead stock and any excuse will do to buy new beads!

So while waiting for the beads, and for Etsy to stabilize...

I have been playing. Having fun with some design ideas I got while trying to fall asleep. I sketched them out at the time, and put them in my notebook. Now seemed the perfect time to see what they could do...

Photo at top is of a necklace that took hours and hours to make. Over the course of 3 days, I worked on it. Some of the time was spent working out the design, and some time was spent solving technical issues with it. Much time was spent stringing each tiny bead, and tying each tiny knot, I learned a lot, and feel quite satisfied with the finished piece. It is almost finished; awaiting only the clasp...

Same with this bracelet below. It awaits the clasp.

The clasps arrived to day in my bead order. I had ordered some sterling silver, and some vermeil (14kt gold over sterling silver) clasps just for these more intricate pieces. So I know what I will be doing soon, but not until after I play with the new beads!

The things I learned from these two projects and a few samplers I made have given me ideas on how to use the new beads. One thing just leads to another. As I beaded, more ideas would come to me. I have been sketching furiously to capture them.

And here are the new beads. Sorry the lighting is a bit yellow in spite of the daylight bulbs I use. There are too many reds in the bead pile. I could take everything outside, but I really just want to play with them. It is an effort to sit here writing when the beads are in the TV area calling to me. calling...

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