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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I've Been Thinking...

Yes, I know it is dangerous, but I've been thinking.

First, I have been thinking of my eCrater Shop. I have only gotten some views; and not many at that. I had hoped to get better exposure from it, but alas, it has to be promoted itself. Well, eCrater is fine, but I love Etsy. So, I will keep my Etsy shop, and phase out my eCrater shop. After all, I only need one shop to promote.

Second, I have been thinking of my website. It is near time to sign up for paid hosting. (I want to get rid of those ads.) Now, Bravenet, my current host is great in a lot of ways, but I found something I think is better for me and my needs. NearlyFreeSpeech.net seems to have what I am looking for. They are a no frills host, so I have a lot to learn about them and ...

...I found WordPress. They host free blogs using their blogging software. I love their software! It not only has the normal blogging functions, you can also create static pages. You don't have to use their hosting service, the software is downloadable.

I really want to create one website with my blog, and some static pages for my ShowCase, WorkShop, Materials, etc. I have loved Blogger, and will keep it for my personal blog. I just want to consolidate my KnotGypsy blog and website, and this seems the best plan for me.

This will take some time, as I have a lot to learn about installing it on a hosting service, etc. I am hoping within the next couple of months, I will get this accomplished. I know, I have undergone rebuilding before. It must seem that I am fickle. Please remember that when I started this in January, I knew practically nothing of the internet. I had no idea of what is out here. It has all been a learning experience. I really think this will be the one I stick with. Really.

Third, I continue to receive feedback that my prices are too low. Actually I agree. My strategy has been to price low until people get to know me and the quality work I do. Perhaps this strategy was good, perhaps not. I have been told that when people see prices too low, they do not value the item. That they think it is no good. Well, I take pains to design my jewelry to be durable as well as beautiful. Maybe it is time to raise the prices. I have begun inching some of them up already.

News: I have completed the photography on "Waves" and should have the tutorial done by the weekend. As long as Murphy does not notice me and cause something to go wrong.

I better get back to work on the tutorial for now...

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