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Monday, June 4, 2007

Beaded Crochet Ponytail Holders

A great way to cool off for summer! Get that hair up off your neck with one of these. You can find some at My Etsy Shop later today, or read on to find out how to make your own.

A good cure for burn-out is something new to play with! I had gone out to lunch with a friend of mine last week. She was wearing a cute ponytail holder. It was crocheted, so I thought "I could do this". Well, when I got home, I started right on it. This yellow one is one of my end results.

The next photo is of the first one I actually made. Except for the color of course, it looks very much like the one my friend wore. I chose a Scunci brand elastic ponytail holder with no metal parts. Then I strung about 60 to 80 size 6 seed beads on a ball of crochet cotton. I then crocheted about 60 to 80 single crochet stitches around the ponytail holder for the first row. The second row is 1 double crochet stitch into each single crochet with 1 chain stitch between each double crochet. On the third row, 1 double crochet on the chain stitches with: 1 chain stitch without a bead and 1 chain stitch with a bead in between each double crochet.

Then I just played around with the number of rows, and the number of single crochet stitches to start with, etc. These next two are what I came up with.

Then, I wondered how it would look with fuzzy yarn. Something to keep your ponytail warm in the winter!
I then decided to try some of my Omega Brand nylon crochet thread, and went for a frillier look. I achieved it by crocheting at least 80 single crochet stitches to the first row. Then for the second (and final) row, I stitched a single crochet stitch into each single crochet (of the first row) with 3 chains in between (the second one having the bead slipped in).

Feel free to try this yourself, I reserve no copyright on this pattern. If you are a crocheter, you should find it fairly easy to figure out. I encourage you to experiment to get the look you want. They were a lot of fun, as it takes just about a half hour to make one (once you get your pattern down). Part of that half hour is stringing all those beads in the beginning!

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tina said...

Thank you.I am new to crocheting and i like this project. I am also wanting to do crochet bracelets. i tried it and i made one not like yours but for my first time. I wished there was a video on this.
thanks again

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