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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Macrame Key Chain Tutorial Now Available

I am still awaiting feedback on "Spirals Anklet" Tutorial. However, I have finished this simple key chain tutorial "Spirals Key Chain". It is now available at My Etsy Shop . If you don't see it on my front page, please check Section "Patterns and Kits". It is available in paper copy or electronic copy. I have also listed some kits of materials for those of you who just want to try it out without going out to buy all the supplies in quantity. You will still need your own work surface, pins, glue, scissors and clear fingernail polish.

This is a great project for Beginners. It is a simple, easy to make project using a heavier gauge cord than usual for my micro macrame projects. The beads are fewer and larger for easier handling while practicing the knots needed for this fob. Yet, there is a lot of room for creativity. I offer tips for variations at the end of this tutorial. To see key chain in another color, see my bloggerie KnotGypsy's Status Report.

I provide continued support in case you have questions regarding the pattern instructions. Remember my recently set up Workshop ? I set it up specifically for this purpose. I have opened a small forum for questions and answers, and there is a form you may use to contact me directly. This will be my first published tutorial, and therefore the forum is not yet very active. Maybe you will be the one to break the ice!

I have had fairly low energy this week, so I thought it would be a good time for me to take some much needed down time. I have not been laying around all week however. I have been doing research on setting up websites, web hosts, etc. I found some interesting information, and must finish checking it out, but I may be making some changes (again). I know. But I really do want to eliminate ads on my site (except for maybe for some ads relevant to what I am about, like suppliers of beads, etc). We learn as we go, sometimes changing things when better ideas come along. I appreciate all the support and patience I have received so far, and beg your indulgence further until I get through this initial transition.

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