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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Woe is Me

It seems you solve one problem and two more pop up. Oh, well, such is life.

I finally got all the photos done for my "Spirals Anklet" project instructions. I finally got the writing done. I'm using Google Docs and Spreadsheets because it is supposed to be able to save in pdf format. Well, when I tried this, I got an incomplete document. Photos missing, formatting askew. I retried it with the same results. I hunted "Help" to no avail. I think I now need to send a request for help to the support center. I have also been looking into other pdf creators. So, although I have the instructions done, there will be further delay while I figure out how to get it into pdf format. I need it in pdf, so I can email it easier.

Another trouble, is the lighting for my photos. I get a set-up that works, then randomly some pictures are way too yellow, some are perfect. Sure I can edit somewhat, but not quite perfectly. As in the above photo. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I want things my way! Darnit. I get frustrated over these kinds of things. Maybe I need a bubble bath. And some nice music...

Some things have gone right this week. For example, some new bracelets I made came out really nice. I'm still playing with the heavier cord (sans size 11 seed beads). Here are some of my results. (Note: Above photo of necklace and bracelet set are also new this week.) Remember, you can click on images to get a larger view.

The first two remind me of sea shells. So I think I'll call them "Shells".

I like this one, but have no idea what to call it. Any Suggestions?

Then there is this one. The beads and cord all looked good together until I got it made. Now I don't like it. The cord seems to bright to me. Will anyone speak up for this poor reject or do I take the scissors to it?

I have made a couple more key chains, and necklace & earring sets as well. Except for the green bracelet (above), my beading has gone well. I have begun to list these items in My Etsy Shop (see recent listing on sidebar - just click on image to go right to the listing). I will continue to list these items as the weekend goes by. So keep checking in.

Now for that nice bubble bath...


eljbabette said...

DON'T take the scissors to it, knotgypsy!!! I think it's beautiful, even though it's not along the lines of your usual work...gads, that would be a tragedy!!!

I can't wait until you are able to put out the pdf tutorials for your jewelry...just LOVE the "fan" designs! I'll keep checking in to see when they're done. Thanx for sharing your beautiful creations!

(eljbabette from the bead forum)

Annika said...

Wow! Your bracelets are gorgeous!

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