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Monday, April 2, 2007

What to do with those pretty plastic beads?

A couple of months ago, I bought some beads at Walmart. They had nice colors and came in a variety of shapes. I got them home and discovered they were plastic. Well, I do not use plastic in my jewelry. But they were pretty, so I tucked them away in one of my bead drawers.

Recently, I have been sorting through my beads. I came across the aforementioned beads, and some rings for keychains. Hmmm...I got to thinking. Plastic would be good for keychain fobs. You know, you come into the house and throw your keys onto the table. Plastic would be less likely to chip, etc.

So, I made keychain fobs this weekend. I used a heavier gauge cord (Macrame Beading Cord from Fire Mountain Gems) that I had on hand. The first couple were not quite what I had in mind, but you never know until you try. So I used those as a stepping stone to the next ones, and am now happy with the results.

I have also dabbled in making beads from fabric. You have probably seen those beads made from paper. Well, I used the same technique with fabric. Instead of glue, I used polyacrylic. You can find it in the aisles with other furniture refinishing products. polyacrylic as opposed to polyurethane is water soluable. It dries to a nice protective finish. I just keep layering it on until I am satisfied. I find these beads also do well in keychain fobs.

I liked the fobs so much, I thought the idea would work in a necklace with ceramic and glass focal beads.

Today, I realized these fobs would make nice pulls to attach to the hanging chains on ceiling fans, lamps, etc....

I will be listing these items in my Etsy Shop throughout this week.

Once I started beading, the ideas started flowing, so I need to return to them and see what happens next...

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