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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Test Phase for My First Micro Macrame Tutorial


I got the first draft finished on "Spirals Anklet" I am making email copies available for free in exchange for feedback. I am not exactly objective, so I need to know if the instructions are clear and understandable. Are the photos easy to see? If interested, click on my profile and email me. I am looking for beginner as well as experienced beader feedback.

If you don't have materials and don't want to invest in buying everything in quantity, I am offering kits at My Etsy Shop. Here is an excerpt from item description.


2 sets of cords in color shown in first photo. ( The extra set to practice on, in case you need it) I have pre-treated the ends with clear finger nail polish to stiffen the ends. If you are rough on the ends, you can just clip them and reapply polish (I tell you how in the instructions.) I am using the C-lon cord in these kits because it is easier to work with. It is a little stiffer than the Omega nylon crochet thread. The Omega gives a more flexible bracelet/anklet, but it can be difficult to work with. If you would like a set of Omega in addition to the C-lon already included, just leave a comment when you pay, or convo me when you buy the kit.

More than enough of each kind of bead needed, just in case. See the photos.

1 Button.

Hard copy of instructions printed out on normal typing paper.

Last photo of a finished anklet/bracelet is for illustrative purposes ONLY. Except for the color, it is what a finished anklet/bracelet should look like.

Note: You will need a work surface (i.e. cork board, old style Puzzle Pad mouse pad, etc) scissors, and glue.

I am so relieved to finally have worked this out. I figured out the pdf problem last night. It was so simple, I forgot to put in page breaks! I also finished the magazine project last night. The packet is ready to send to Step by Step Beads Magazine.

I was so excited when I finished the document, I immediately got a kit together, and listed. I posted on Bead & Button Forum . It is a wonderful forum with a lot of friendly jewelry makers, and other enthusiasts. I have learned a lot from them.

I was tired, but too excited to sleep. My sweetie does not get home until late (he works the 3:30 to Midnight shift, with occasional overtime). I could hardly wait until he got home so I could show him my work.

So, now, I must sign off. I need to get ready for Trade Days this Saturday. My favorite coffee shop (where I consign some of my jewelry) have said they will let me set up on one of their sidewalk tables. I am hoping to make some sales, and get the word out. I think I will put out a sign-up sheet for a class. See if people are interested.

So bye for now, and happy beading!

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