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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Photos As Promised

First, I show you the "Fans Bracelet" I mentioned last Saturday, and the earrings I made to go with it. This set really reminds me of the 1930's. So I am calling it "Deco Fans". I had a great difficulty listing this set in My Etsy Shop, I want to keep it for myself!

Then, as you all know, I got those gemstone chips! I have been having fun. Here are some of the results:

First, the amethyst chips; I put them into my Criss Cross design motif. I just love amethyst, don't you?

Then, I used the red sandstone chips in a variation of my Nouveau design motif. I really like the sparkles in the red sandstone.

Of course the bracelet needed earrings to match.

Then, I dug out some of the stone beads I had bought some years ago at an estate sale. I am not sure what kind these are, but they look like lapis lazuli. They may be some other stone dyed to look like lapis lazuli. I still think they are still pretty, though.
And the earrings...

Remember when I told you about my insomnia courtesy of Scarlet? (previous post) Well, the ideas she gave me that night were really variations on two designs I already have, and one other that I had rolling in my head but could not clarify. They are very nice design ideas, really. I would have been happy to explore them for some time, and I have. I will some more. When I get the time...

Scarlet was not done with me. She kept me up again the next night. I was so tired. I had been playing with the aforementioned ideas, my eyes were crossing. I drank some "Sleepytime" tea, I went to bed at a reasonable hour. Then Scarlet nudged me. I told her to go away, I was tired. Scarlet flashed some images in my head, and stood there. I looked, no, I want to sleeep. I looked. I had to get up and sketch the idea out. Of course, while sketching, I received flashes of ideas for variations on this design. Finally, I got some sleep.

Well, this idea is a gold mine. I am so excited. This idea will lead to another design series, not just variations on what I already have.

The original idea was for a necklace. The version I see in my head needs beads I do not currently have. I also see a wedding version. I have been wanting to do a wedding set for some time now. So, I decided to explore aspects of this idea on a smaller scale. That way I could learn how the techniques play out in real life. I could get a feel for what the idea can do. So I started a bracelet. As I was doing it, another technique idea came to me, so I went with it. This new idea will also lead to a design series. It is more sculptural. I can already see several ways to take this idea. I am still working on this bracelet. You know I'll photograph it and show it to you when it is done.

So many ideas, I cannot bead fast enough. When Scarlet does this to me, I end up obsessed with beading. I must get these ideas concretized. I must create. I forget all about my mundane chores. (I did manage to get the grocery shopping done yesterday.) I must pry myself away from beading in order to blog, list items in My Etsy Shop, cook, write pattersn, etc. I am continually trying to schedule myself, but I don't fall so easily into schedules.

Guess I'll just have to wait for a lull in order to get some rest.


Annika said...

Whoa! Fantastic designs! Love the use of the chips, love the deco earrings and bracelet...Yowsir!

KnotGypsy said...

Thank you so much!

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