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Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Get to Go Bead Shopping!

Today, I get a trip out of the house! My partner and I are going to San Marcos. San Marcos is a slightly larger town about 30 miles away. We have some errands to run, so while we are there, I get to go to Hobby Lobby. Maybe I will find some beads. Maybe I will find some key rings so I can make more fobs. We will also make an extended stop at our favorite book store - Half Price Books. They sell used books and have quite a selection.

I listed a few more items on Etsy today. Also, bought some space on the Mother's Day Showcase (on Etsy) for April 29. Then I selected several items to be featured items, and now they are the ones showing up in my Etsy mini gallery (on sidebar). So I changed the name from "Recent Etsy Listings" to "Featured Items at my Etsy Shop". I will problem solve later, when I have more time. I really liked it to show recent listings. I will probably have to unselect my featured items until closer to the showcase date.

I have switched back to using C-lon cord and so far have made a "Fans" bracelet in orange. When I have some more made, I will photograph them and post the pics.

Well, bon voyage to me...Wish me luck on my hunt.

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