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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bloggeries and Other New Developments

Networking. Marketing. An ongoing concern, if I want to make a living with my jewelry. So I have been spending some time on learning more and trying some things.

First, I was googling "blog reviewers" and came across Bloggeries - Blog Review. I submitted this blog. They were very nice, sent me an email, and let me know that I will probably be reviewed once this blog is over 3 months old. April 28th will be 3 months. Then of course, how soon after will depend on the waiting list. Link currently on sidebar under "Favorite Blogs". See note below.

I was also referred to their forum Bloggeries - Blogger Forum. They encourage you to participate, put a link to your blog in your signature, and promote your blog. It is also a place to learn more about anything pertaining to blogs. In fact, one of the things I learned was what the term "bloggeries" means.

Quote by "Bloggieries" posted in forum thread: Kudos for the ranking": "Bloggeries is becoming a commonly used term to describe the individual blog posts within a blog. Essentially a "Blog" is the aggregate of however many bloggeries the author has written. Therefor you can refer to individual posts as a "bloggeries"."

I have had a very pleasant and educational experience there, and fully intend to make it a regular part of my routine. I provide a link in my sidebar as well, currently under "Related Links".

Note: I can see that since this blog is becoming more complex, I need to edit and reorganize my links. Hopefully, soon. I will post a bloggerie on it when I do, so you will know what I have done to your favorite links,

Then, as I was surfing, I stumbled upon a blog with a list of sites that provide a place to sell your stuff. Out of this list, I studied several, narrowed the possibilities down to two, and finally chose one to try.

eCrater. I am a bit excited at this new venue. It was pretty easy to use, and it is free. For the few questions I had in setting up, I readily found answers in the forum, eCrater Community . So far, I have felt welcomed. The community seems warm, friendly, and helpful. Links to eCrater Home and for eCrater Community can both be found under "Related Links" (for now) in sidebar. Link for my new shop "My eCrater Shop" can be found under "My other sites" in sidebar. Don't worry, I am keeping my Etsy shop, I'm just adding another one.

While setting up this new shop, I found a link in the forum (eCrater Community), where you can make your own logos. It was fun, and easy. I made several. I will be working out my final logo over time. Right now I am experimenting with various ones. At any rate, this service was free, they only request that you link back to them if you use the logos you make. So in addition to the link in my side bar under "Related Links", here it is: GRSites Logo Maker .

I got so distracted by all of this, that I failed to finish getting the magazine project polished up and sent out. I really must do this today. I also need to get back to solving the pdf problem with the instructions for "Spirals Anklet", and make it available. I have a few mundane chores as well.

But Scarlet won't leave me alone. I finished the first bracelet using the new ideas I received, and have started another variation....Need..to..bead. But first, I must do my chores. KnotGypsy signing off for now.


Annika said...

Much good luck to you in your online endeavors! I'm too darned busy with my day job at the Evil Empire eating up all my time to consider selling my stuff at this point. :)

KnotGypsy said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. That's why I am so grateful for this opportunity. My sweetie is supporting me since I quit my job last fall. I just hope his support is rewarded with success. I know I love doing this, and really, really want to be able to continue.

You do beautiful work as well, and I know that if you were able to pursue selling it, you would do well.

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