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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Beads Were 50% Off, So I Bought 4 Times as Many!

Well, I went to Hobby Lobby on the right day. Or wrong one depending on how you look at it. They were having a sale on a couple brands of beads. So I started to go crazy. Beads. On Sale. Who could resist. So it was the right day as I got to take advantage of a good sale; it was the wrong day as I ended up buying 4 times what I anticipated!

I was kneeling there at the bottom racks with my hands full of beads. I said aloud, "Darn, I should have gotten a cart". ( I had not expected to buy much, just a few items...). Then a very nice young lady asked if I wanted her to go get me a cart. I was at first stunned at such a generous offer, but said "That would be so sweet". She got me a cart, and I proceeded to add beads to it. The young lady and I talked some about beads, etc. Apparently, she likes to work with pearls. I love bead people. Her mother joined us and I told the mother how nice her daughter had been. The daughter even gave credit to her mother for raising her this way. There is hope for the younger generation if they have manners such as this. I am reassured by her as I so often see a lack of manners. She, however, went way beyond manners in going out of her way to do a good deed.

What beads did I buy? Well, I thought of taking a photo of my haul. You know, just pile it up on a table and click a quick pic. Sorry, I was too excited to delay getting my hands on my new beads. I immediately proceeded to unpackaging them so I could feel them in my hands. I love to fondle beads.

I can tell you what I bought. They carry size 10 seed beads (one of the few places I know of). It was the brand that was on sale. The holes are large enough for even that heavier cord I have recently been playing with. So of course I had to have all the colors. I bought some size 11 seed beads in gold and silver (metallic), and a few other neutral colors. I found a few 8mm ovals & cubes, and some 6mm X 4mm tubes. Then, because I have been dreaming of gemstone chips and since they were also on sale, I got some amethyst, aventurine, and red sandstone chips.

At Half Price Books, I found some more episodes of Star Trek Next Generation that I did not have in my library. So I got some. I like to watch videos while I bead, and Star Trek Next Generation is one of my all time favorite series. I watch them over and over. They are a good investment for me.

It was my birthday yesterday (I turned 48). All in all, I am happy with my beads and videos. They will keep me busy for a while. In fact, the first thing I did after opening all my beads, was to use the amethyst chips in a bracelet. I finished a pair of earrings to match the orange "Fans" bracelet I mentioned in my previous post. When I have enough stuff made, I'll photograph it and show it to y'all.

Now I gotta get back to the new beads...


Moon Stumpp said...

Oooo...I can't wait for the pictures!!!!

Annika said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You actually found size 10 beads??? You are very very lucky. I've only found 11s and 8s lately. Also - can you get gemstone chips that have holes large enough to pass cords through? What size cord are you using for that? I got stuck with a bunch a while back - the holes were too tiny :( I have a fish and chips necklace I want to make, but don't want to drill/ream out all the chips to make it.

KnotGypsy said...

Yes, I found size 10 seed beads! See recent blog post "Designs to Love" for more information. Psst, I found an internet source for this brand.

I use C-lon nylon cord, it usually passes once through most chips on a strand. See link for Jewels in Fiber under Related Links in my sidebar for source.

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