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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Scarlet Says...

...She was not gone, She was only thinking. She claims that she has been thinking about some beads I recently received in trade. They are flat teardrop with side drilled holes. Well, I had the idea to put them into a "Fans" motif. I had stalled out, but maybe Scarlet is right. I went back to it and it really flowed. I ended up with an adjustable choker in shades of green, cream, and silver. I have not yet had a chance to photograph it, so look for it in the coming week.

I have also had success on photographing, and writing the instructions for "Basic Knots", and "Spirals Anklet". I'm only about a third of the way thru actually typing, etc; but I now know how it will be structured. I have decided I want modules like "Basic Knots", and projects like "Spirals" along with chapters about materials, knots, design elements, etc. That way, I can publish some info for free (like previously written article on materials), and sell certain chapters, and projects with and without kits. This vague vision is coming into focus.

I have decided that I want my website "KnotGypsy Designs" to be a showcase site (see link in "My Other Sites" to the left). Home page will have new collections, etc. Subsequent pages will be devoted to a particular design motif, with descriptions, inspiration, photos, etc. I'll decide further once I have this much accomplished.

I will keep "My Etsy Shop" for sales (see link in "My Other Sites" to the left).

So many ideas, so little time. I need to make time for beading, too. My beads get lonely when I cannot play with them. I think I hear them calling...


Annika said...

KnotGypsy - hello! Thanks for visiting my blog - a fellow micro-macramer! Yay for us! We've got to stick together! Your work is exquisite - a feast for the eyes. I would be honored to hear from you - my email is jofre146(at)juno dot com. Keep creatingt those fantastic pieces!

Annika said...

Oh I forgot to mention- check out my website:
www.annikadegroot.com It shows two pages of my micro-macrame work.

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