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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Today, I don't quite know what I want to write about. So I will ramble.

The cats remain as spoiled as ever. I managed to get photos of Taffemia, Puffy, and Rorshack.

That's Rorshack in the first photo. So named when he and his brother were both black and white; his brother had distinctive round spots, Rorshack looked more like an inkblot. We named his brother Spotticus Rex. (Sadly, Spot is no longer with us. He just disappeared. I hope someone found him and is giving him a good home.) When we thought of inkblots, I thought of the Rorschack inkblot psychological test. So I named him Rorshack because he is a psych test. Very strange cat. He has rules about getting petted. He must be on my lap in a certain position, then I am allowed to pet him.

Then there is Puff the Magicat. Pouffie for short. She is huge. I say she is fat, but my partner insists she is just a little round with muscle. She can move, though! I've seen her pluck a bird out of the air. She eats them, too. I get to sweep up the feathers. I keep telling her to keep her birds out of the house, but she won't listen. A cat's work is never done!

Last, but not least by far is Taffemia. I got the name from a Rudyard Kipling story. It supposedly means "small person with bad manners who should get spanked, but probably won't because she is so cute". It seemed appropriate. We call her Taffy for short. Taffy was a rescue.

She is probably the most intelligent cat I have ever known. When she was only about 3 months old, I decided to teach her "cat fishing". Cat fishing is a game that the cats and I made up. I use a long stick with string attached to the end. I have several cats and they all get in a circle around me. They take turns as I move the string around in each cat's space. When I move on to the next cat, the others wait for their turn to come around again. Well, when I first played with Taffy, we had Cleo (now deceased) to play with us. I gave Cleo a turn and then gave Taffy a turn. When I moved back to Cleo, Taffy (of course) tried to follow the string. I said "No, it is Cleo's turn", and pointed to Taffy's spot, saying "There's your spot". She got back in her spot! I said to Cleo "We need to reward her so she gets another turn". So I gave Taffy another turn. Then one to Cleo. Taffy only tried to jump turns 1 more time, before she had the game down! The next day, I thought perhaps that was a fluke. So I took them outside and we played again. Only once did Taffy start to jump turns, and she corrected herself!

She has become reclusive and shy as she got older, about 11 years old now. She has a lovely trill in her purr, and still loves scritches.

Oh! I have some news. I've been asked to contribute a project to Step by Step Beads. I'm so excited. So if I do a good enough job, I may get published next year. Probably Summer 2008.

I had already begun working on instructions to "Spirals Bracelet", as part of an e-book I am writing. So I have a head start. Although I have been making jewelry for near to 10 years, I have never drawn up any instructions, nor made any kind of pattern; just occasional sketches for my own notes. Part of the challenge has been to get good photos of the steps, and learning how to insert them where I want them into the text. Google "Docs and Spreadsheets" is great. I can save my work as pdf, rich text document, and several other formats. I recommend it to anyone.

I've also been taking a bit of a break to step back and regroup. So much has been going on; so many ideas. My mind has been spinning. Last couple of days, I've been a little under the weather. Nothing serious, just low energy. Then yesterday, we had a bunch of thunderstorms down here in south central Texas. I don't trust my computer to a Texas thunderstorm even with a UPS (with surge protection). So the computer was unplugged all day yesterday. Talk about withdrawals! As bad as it was for me, I fear it was far worse for my "other half". He is severely addicted to the internet.

So until next time, KnotGypsy signing off.


Moon Stumpp said...

Congrats on Step by Step Beads!!!!

Love the pics and 'ramble' of the kitties!!!!

KnotGypsy said...

Thank you for your comments. It is such a boost to hear from someone who is reading my blog. You made my day!

KnotGypsy said...

Just remembered to add this recommendation:

Anyone reading this and interested in lampwork beads, check out moon stumpp's blog. She does some outstanding work.

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