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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Coming Soon...

Thought I would give you a sneak peak at my Spring Fever 2007 Collection. I will be showcasing my collection sometime next week. I have 3 sets in the design shown below. I also have a set of beaded crochet (remember the pink earrings in my blog "36 Hours to a New Design"?). I just finished the necklace they were waiting for. Also to be included, a set in my Nouveau style (with very pretty focal beads). So please keep checking back...

I've been wanting to make some extreme earrings for some time. Well, here's a pair of real "shoulder dusters" as one of my local customers likes to call them.

I've also been wanting to make some lariat style necklaces. They are so versatile and fun to wear. Finally, I have done so.

And, we can't forget the bracelet.

Tell your friends. I will also be offering the collection for sale at My Etsy Shop. And feel free to leave a comment. I have enabled it to allow non-members to leave comments as well.

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txdave said...

I like your blog and will feature you on mine.

First, I would tell reader at the top of your blog a little about your experience, how long you've been doing jewelry, something to make them want to read the blog and perhaps buy.

I would feature a bright colored product near the top of the blog each time you update. Bright colors get people attention.

More on my blog and it will likely appear tomorrow, sat/sun latest.

All I ask of you is to tell people where the review is featured and that I'm also the author of http://dreamy-destinations.blogspot.com

good luck


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